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It is a necessity that all vehicles operating in New Jersey should be registered and titled with the New Jersey MVC (Motor Vehicle Commission). Regardless if you have registered your vehicle from the state you resided, if your vehicle was purchased from another state, or if the vehicle is a second hand vehicle, you still need to have it registered. Also, the first registration process must be done in person and should be within 10 days after the purchase if you want to avoid penalties and fines. However, if you are a new resident in New Jersey you are given 60 days to register your car.

There are also things that you need to prepare in registering your vehicle. To know more about it you can click here. Note that the process could be tiring but with some help online, and through reading in advance the things you need the flow could be smooth that can save you a lot of time and money.

See this website to get additional info about NJ Vehicle Registration:

Vehicle Tilting

Most of the time, if you have purchased a new vehicle in New Jersey, the title comes along with the sales. If the dealer failed to produce the title, you must get the vehicle titled within 10 days otherwise you will be paying penalty fees.

Also, you get a title at any New Jersey MVC office. All you have to do is present the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) with a sales tax-satisfied stamp. Note that the tax comes along with the price of the vehicle. On one hand, if the vehicle is financed by a financial institution you must present the corpcode and address of the lien holder. The lien holder will be keeping the original title.

Vehicle Renewal: Online

It’s very easy to renew your vehicle in New Jersey. Although it is a must to apply for renewal every year, the process comes easy you can do it in your couch using a laptop with internet connection. When they send you the renewal notice, along with the letter is the PIN you can use to register online. But you need to prepare your registration renewal form, Social Security Number, Insurance Identification Card, and a valid credit card.

If you think that the information above isn’t enough you can visit this website.


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